We Got our First Snow Fall!

It's not unheard of to get snow this early here in Maine

In fact, the earliest recorded measurable snow fall in Bangor was October 9th. (No, I don't know what year that was...)

But it does seem that we went straight from fall to winter - in a blink of an eye.

I had been holding off planting my garlic because it's been so warm and wet this fall. 

I was afraid of putting it in too early, since the temperatures were hovering in the 50s during the day and only dipping below freezing once or twice. 

But I finally got it in the ground this past week - and not a moment too soon!

This morning was only 19 degrees F which is pretty cold for this time of year.  And in fact Bangor's low of 17 degrees this morning tied for the record low for the area.

But, regardless, our flock is doing just fine (without any heat in the coop other than their body heat!), and our spring Littles - both chickens and ducks - are keeping us in eggs.

Fingers crossed they lay enough eggs for me to do all my holiday baking! 

It seems too early to start putting up Christmas decorations, or listening to Christmas music, or watching Hallmark Christmas movies (okay, maybe not too early for that!), or going to get our tree, but I have to admit that this snow is putting me in the holiday spirit! 

Enjoy this peek at our week.

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