Chicken keeping and gardening both present so many opportunities for DIY and craft projects. Here are some of my favorite projects I've made over the years.

Articles Sorted by Category for Easy Reference

Coop DIY

Wooden Egg Basket
Faux Enamelware Pail 
Wine Barrel Nesting Box
Painted Wood Coop Sign
Chalkboard Sign for the Coop
Match Box Grit Dispenser
Seed Packet Coop Bunting
Light your Chicken Coop for Less
Fly Repellent Coop Bunting
DIY Chicken Supplement Canisters


Chicken Salad Bar
Hanging Treat Feeder
Self-Closing Run Gate
Chicken Swing
Wine Bottle Fly Catcher
Soda Bottle Fly Catcher

Lawn and Garden DIY

Gingham Chicken Bean Bags
Windowsill Herb Garden
Photo Album Seed Organizer
Chicken Wire Garden Cloche
Repurposed Chicken Feeder Plante
Repurposed Chicken Waterer Planter
5 DIY Seed Starter Hacks
K-Cup Seed Starters
DIY Garden Markers
Mason Jar Flower Vases
Vintage Tin Can Planters
Tin Can Flower Vases
Utility Cart Makeover
Sunflower Seed Eggshell Cups
DIY Tiered Herb Drying Rack

Home/Body DIY

Chicken Keepers Hand Salve
Herbal Antiseptic Salve
Lavender Sleep Sticks
Lavender Relaxation Salve
Fizzy Bath Bombs
Lemon Sugar Body Scrub
Beeswax Candles
Coffee Bean Candle Holders
Lavender Lemon Linen Mist
Peppermint Body Butter
Herbal Sinus Infusion
Lime Thyme Cough Syrup
Ginger Simple Syrup
Elderberry Cold Syrup
DIY Egg Carton Fire Starters
Scented Christmas Hand Warmers
Valentine Heart Hand Warmers

Holiday DIY

Foraged Holiday Window Boxes
DIY Evergreen Wreath
Feed Bag Christmas Stocking
Yule Log Candle Holder

Feed Bag DIY

Feed Bag Market Tote
Feed Bag Garden Apron
Feed Bag Christmas Stocking

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