Welcome to My Farm

"Welcome to my Farm"


I'm excited to be working on a brand new project this year! Watch the teaser reel for "Welcome to my Farm" below and stay tuned for details about how to watch on Amazon fire, Roku, AppleTV and AndroidTV and smartphones.

Thank you to the following generous sponsors who are making the show possible.

 Meyer Hatchery 
Scratch and Peck Feeds


Fresh Eggs Daily with Lisa Steele 


December 2018 will see my 30-minute "chicken lifestyle" show Fresh Eggs Daily with Lisa Steele come to a close. It was wonderful working with the producer and film crew over at the CW to air the show for two seasons, but the station was sold in 2018 and I've decided that it's time to move on .... to bigger and better things. It was a wonderful learning experience that I hope to take with me to my new venture.

You can still watch (at the time I'm writing this at least), the full half-hour shows streaming on YouTube using the links below.

I partnered with WPXT/WPME-TV here in Portland, Maine to bring you Fresh Eggs Daily with Lisa Steele, a 30-minute "chicken lifestyle" show focusing on chicken keeping, gardening and cooking!

Watch as my Facebook page and blog come to life and I share natural chicken keeping advice, tips on gardening with chickens and coop to kitchen recipes using eggs fresh from the coop and produce fresh from the garden.

Lisa's wardrobe provided by Duluth Trading Company
Lisa's Rully French Cooking Range provided by LaCanche.

Recipes from the Shows


Fall Show

Winter Show

Spring Show

Summer Show 

Here's a sneak peek at some past episodes!

I would like to extend a huge thank you to crew at WPXT, along with all the sponsors who in large part  make the show possible. Please be sure to visit their websites, buy their products and support all my generous sponsors whenever you can.
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