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Welcome to my Farm


I'm excited to be hosting a brand new television show! 
Tune in to NEWS CENTER Maine on Saturdays at Noon to watch new episodes all year long!

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Don't live in Maine or New Hampshire? No worries. 

Episode 1 The Pilot

Join Lisa Steele, Maine's very own backyard chicken keeper and DIYer, as she welcomes you to her farm. Lisa shares a glimpse into her country lifestyle, inviting you to her garden, coop and kitchen.

Episode 2 It's Spring on the Farm

With Easter approaching, Lisa decides to color some of her fresh eggs with natural dyes, then gets some seeds started and shares one of her favorite holiday recipes. And she's also got a surprise up her sleeve!

Episode 3 Baby Chicks Arrive

The arrival of warmer weather means that it's time for baby chicks on the farm. Lisa shares her tips for setting up a brooder, letting a mother hen raise chicks and more.

Episode 4 It's Summer and That Means Ice Cream

Summer has finally arrived in Maine and Lisa is sharing some tips for keeping chickens and ducks cool when the temperatures rise. She's also working on an egg stand to sell some extra eggs. Then it's time for homemade ice cream!

Episode 5 I'm Heading to a Lavender Farm

It's time to head to nearby Moore Manor Lavender and learn about growing lavender in Maine. Lisa is excited to bring some home to plant, cook with and treat her chickens to a little aromatherapy!

Episode 6 It's Time to Go Pick Apples

With fall in the air, a trip to the local apple orchard to pick some apples is in order. Then its back home to bake a pie, make a batch of homemade apple cider vinegar and some fun, protein-rich apple snacks for the molting chickens.

Check back! This episode is due to start airing on October 19th

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